A Memorable Tour on London’s famed Buses

by admin January 12, 2018

London’s famed buses are a popular way of getting round the city.  It’s quite quick, easy to use and provides a great way to see the buildings and scenes especially if you travel on the upper deck.

London Transport bus routes cover the entire city both day and night.  All you need to do is buy an Oyster card from a newsagent or at one of the many train stations. Prices vary according to the number of zones within which you want to travel. The majority of the most popular tourist destinations such as St Paul’s Cathedral, The Tower of London, Paddington Station, Buckingham Palace can be found within Zone One, the central zone.  When you get on the bus, press the card against the pad as you enter.  Press again when you reach your destination to show you are leaving the bus.  Most buses have indicators inside telling you which stop is next, but if unsure, just ask the driver for help. Thankfully, there are many holiday apartments near Oxford Street London where you can drop your luggage off, relax for some time and then catch a bus.

Prefer a guided tour? Then opt for one of the many Open Top Bus Tours.  These buses are designed specifically for tourists and their routes cover all the major destinations. You can hop on and off as you like, and if you have only limited time in London, this can be quite a good way of seeing as much as possible within a short time.  All you have to do is choose the number of days for which you want your ticket to be valid.  You can explore at your own pace, and create your own personal tour ensuring you visit all the places that you really want to see.  Each Open Top Bus Tour incorporates audio commentaries (available in all the major languages) giving information and historical details about the places you are seeing along the way.

London Sightseeing Bus Tours, Big Bus Tours and Golden Buses are among the most popular companies offering Open Top Bus Tours.  You do have to choose which one you are using, as your ticket will be valid only for that company. Explore the hidden beauty of London while staying at short let serviced apartments Central London.

There are also specialist tour buses available, which provide shorter tours dedicated to a specific subject. Typical of these buses are the Musical heritage tours taking visitors down the Kings Road, and out to Twickenham to discover the famous venues of the 1950’s and 1960’s, a time dominated by the music of The Beatles and The Rolling Stones.

For something a little different, you can try the Ghost Bus tours.  These are not for the faint hearted!  Tales of mystery and murder are told, highlighting the ghastly events and dreadful history of the city including Jack the Ripper and Sweeney Todd, the dreadful barber of Fleet Street.  It is very atmospheric, quite eerie and nothing is ever quite what it seems!  The Ghost Buses only run at night, with two tours starting at 7.30 and 9pm perfect for ghostly tales.

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